New Lighting Products For 2015

by Cory Johnson
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Vista continues to lead in landscape lighting innovation.

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting has developed a new LED lamp concept “from the ground up” that incorporates revolutionary features that provide innovative performance advantages in outdoor environments. Outdoor applications have temperature and humidity extremes rarely encountered in indoors and their products are made for the North American climates.

Vista’s engineers tested hundreds of “indoor” lamps being offered to the landscape market and concluded that very few would offer the lifespan and long-term performance to match the lifespan of the Vista lighting systems. These new LED lamps can be used to upgrade any existing landscape lighting installation. Switch to the energy-saving benefits of LED without sacrificing performance, longevity or quality of light. Drop us a line today to talk about Vista lights and their new LED lamps.

Drop us a line to talk about lighting your landscaping with Vista's innovative outdoor light products.