Winterizing Irrigation Systems In Ontario

by Cory Johnson
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It's time for your irrigation system to hibernate!

Your irrigation system works hard during the summer keeping your yard and garden green and blooming but when temperatures drop in Ontario it's time for it to hibernate along with your yard. Irrigation pipes are susceptible to the damaging effects of ice however and as water expands while freezing, plastic irrigation pipe can crack or even break open completely. Control valves which regulate flow to your yard zones, though hardy equipment, are also susceptible to ice.

burst irrigation line

We Winterize All System Makes!

Apollo Irrigation offers irrigation system winterization. If you're one of our customers we have already contacted you to arrange a winterization appointment but we also accept new clients for this important irrigation maintenance step.

How Does It Work?

Water trapped in lines can expand and break even the hardest of pipe. Any hose or pipe whether metal or plastic containing water over the winter is susceptible to cracking or even bursting. Apollo installed systems have an inlet for us to connect our air hose into. Using a commercial air compressor we drive all the water from the lines until the irrigation heads are emitting only air. The high pressure of a commercial air compressor is important because even a couple liters of water in the lines could pool in a zone valve and cause expensive damage that may or may not be difficult to detect in the upcoming spring. We make sure all the water is out of your irrigation lines so your irrigation system can rest soundly with your yard over the winter.

commercial air compressor is used to clear lines

Need Your System Winterized?

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