July Is Smart Irrigation Month

by Cory Johnson
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A time to create awareness about water conservation.

July is Smart Irrigation Month, a time to create awareness about the positive impact of efficient irrigation and smart water use. First launched in 2005, Smart Irrigation Month helps to spread the message that irrigation is the water-saving way of nurturing our critical green spaces that deliver real environmental benefits. Irrigation systems provide real solutions to today's water challenges and protects our community water supply for future generations.

Why are irrigation solutions an important role for water conservation?

Protecting our fresh water resources is so important. Our summers in southern Ontario are seeing less and less precipitation during the summer, stressing plants during the long hot months of July and August. Our green spaces are so important not only for community activities but for the environment as well. Grass and trees play such an important role in our ecosystem for oxygen production, food and shelter for the other living things around us. Plants and flowers also contribute to CO2 processing and play roles in the pollination cycle. Grass helps prevent soil erosion when there is rain and what young child wants to play on yellow, scratchy dry grass?

How do irrigation systems conserve water?

The bottom line is that our yards and green spaces need regular watering or they go into stasis. If grasses go for more than 3 or 4 weeks however without water during summer heat, there is a chance the roots could die and the grass will never come back. Irrigation minimizes water use while keeping your lawn and garden beautiful and healthy. Our modern irrigation systems adjust watering based on recent rain and the watering cycles are setup to be by-law compliant. Our systems also water only during dusk to prevent evaporation and waste resulting from direct sun on your lawn and plants.

Is the expense worth it?

An irrigation system can save you money if you're currently watering your lawn by hand because an irrigation system and watering schedule is planned using coverage evaluation. You get maximum watering efficiency ensuring every drop of water is used without any waste from manually guessing if your yard has gotten the water it needs.

Get the water efficiency of an irrigation system on your side. The money saving, environmentally conscious way of keeping your lawn green this summer. Your yard will thank you!