Southern Ontario Weather Forecast For Summer 2015

by Steve Sattler
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What's in store for Southern Ontario this summer?

Our summer has had lots of precipitation for us here in Southern Ontario, but the Weather Network is predicting more moderate weather for July and August. This means periods of warm to hot weather with numerous days in the mid to upper 20s. Hotter weather without regular rainfall can dry the upper layers of your topsoil and send your grass into hibernation. When grass hibernates it turns brown. Hibernated grass is not dead but can take up to two weeks to come around once water is available again. Hibernated grass is stressed out and stepping on the grass can kill it resulting in bare patches.

Good water availability during the summer months are also critical for plant growth. Without adequate water your plants could suffer from decreased growth, small, off-coloured leaves, begin fall hibernation early or even suffer from long term damage. Depending on the plant, lack of water for 7 days could lead to damage.

Apollo Irrigation can have an automated watering system installed in days. These efficient irrigation systems help keep your lawn and gardens looking their best during the hotter, dryer months of Ontario summer and are setup to be watering by-law compliant. An irrigation system ensures your watering coverage is complete, with no dry spots or water logged spots. The patented spray nozzles in the Rain Bird spray heads we use creates large droplets and reduces mist, contributing to minimal evaporation before the water arrives at the plan root. Drop Apollo a line now and talk to us about getting an automated watering system installed for your property before the hot months of Ontario summer.



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