Beautiful Gardens and Lawns

A lush green lawn and garden during the summer shows you care about your home, and neighbourhood. Grasses, shrubs and trees also contribute to removing CO2 from our atmosphere.

Apollo's irrigation systems will keep you green and blooming all season long. An automatic sprinkler system not only helps maintain a healthy beautiful landscape, but is also the most convenient and efficient way to ensure your landscape gets the water it needs without over or under-watering. Irrigation systems help conserve water, our most precious resource. An automatic sprinkler system is one of the highest return on investments that you can make for your home. This cost-effective way to beautify your home increases curb appeal and the overall value of your home while saving yourself time and money.

To ensure your system is efficient while providing the proper coverage and avoiding dry patches, system design and professional installation are important. We work with your property size and shape to maximize your system’s performance and efficiency. Add a Rain Bird shut-off and moisture sensing device and you will realize even more water and cost savings over the lifetime of your sprinkler system.

Why have Apollo Irrigation install your sprinkler system?

  • Save Time: Your system will do all the watering for you.
  • Save Water: An automatic system uses less water than watering by hand.
  • Save Money: Your water bills will be lower and your plants will live longer.
  • Rest Easy: Apollo Irrigation provides service, value, and performance you can trust while setting you up with a watering solution that is compliant with local watering by-laws.


Put away your garden hose and let Apollo Irrigation systems do your watering for you -- automatically! You'll have greener grass, healthier plants, and much more free time to smell the roses instead of watering them all while making the environmentally sound choice to keeping your yard green.