Turf and Spray Heads

Turf Heads are used when covering large grassy areas and allow for full rotation to cover a large radius of watering area. Spray heads are used for more delicate garden areas.

Apollo works with you to layout a watering coverage plan that not only ensures you have no dry spots but that is efficient and will save you money, and preserve our precious water resources. The Turf Head can provide watering coverage from 25 to 50 feet of distance. The Turf Head remains concealed in your lawn until the timer activates it and the spray head will popup while in its watering cycle.

When looking to water smaller grass areas like boulevards, nooks in landscaping or garden areas that require delicate watering, Apollo will use spray heads. These smaller watering heads come in a variety of heights to allow watering over any plants. Like the Turf Heads, the Spray Head will remain concealed in your landscaping until they are active in their watering cycle.

Our Parts

Rain Bird heads and nozzles are among some of the best well thought out products in the industry. Not only are they specifically designed to operate in even the dirtiest of conditions without jamming but throw a droplet based spray that are less susceptible to wind and minimizes airborne evaporation during watering. This ensures maximum efficiency and delivery of water to the plants and grasses. The Rain Bird Turf Head even has a clearing jet of water as it closes to ensure no dirt is trapped in the unit.

Other watering heads have too much pressure around the watering head resulting in turf bending and seed washout. Rain Bird heads ensure even distribution of water and are engineered to ensure gentle watering around the watering head.

Don't settle for inefficient irrigation - get the Apollo Irrigation team and the Rain Bird Rain Curtain Nozzle technology - commitment to the intelligent use of water.