Landscape Lighting

Expand your living space by lighting your landscaping with high efficiency landscape lights. Highlight trees, bushes, gardens and hardscapes while creating a safe and enjoyable outdoor expansion of your living space.

Enhance the nighttime curb appeal of your home, and add a measure of safety and security with low-voltage landscape lighting. These exterior-grade fixtures are typically placed along walkways and driveways, but are also ideal for illuminating steps, trees, stonewalls, fences and other your garden. These energy efficient systems run on 12V and require very little additional energy while providing beauty and safety to your home.

Expand Nighttime Living Space

When it comes to lighting outdoor spaces, one of the most underestimated aspects of landscape lighting is that it can actually extend living space physically as well as visually. When light is cast on a dark back or front yard, it visually pushes the boundaries of your house. The more elements that are lit, the more people will push the edges of where a person will tend to gravitate to beyond the interior of a house. Create a visually striking look for the outside of your house, especially when the interior lights are turned off. Have your house guests enjoy the beauty of your lush landscape on a warm summer night even after the sun has gone down by expanding your living space.

Boundary Lighting For Safety.

Another practice for expanding nighttime living space is boundary lighting. If you have a fence or shrub line that represents the end of your property line, this section can be illuminated with a small output wall effect fixture. More than one light can be overlapped to create a continuous wall of light that will subtly show the edges of a yard and create a safe boundary feeling for your outdoor evening guests.

Plan For The Inside View

In the process of designing a new lighting plan, we remember to include what can be seen from inside of the house. Especially in the main areas that look outward we shift the balance of the lighting plan to better represent your higher traffic areas. We also take into consideration bedrooms and ensure extra care not to put too much light into these areas.

Apollo Designs And Installs Lighting For Your Landscape

Discussing the specific needs and desires with you can help us give you great direction to both outdoor space expansion and indoor viewing. Ask about safety, utility and what areas, plants or even stones are your favorites!