Commercial Irrigation

Keep your commercial building exteriors looking as amazing as the rest of the facility with our irrigation systems or call us about keeping your sports field the greenest playing turf in your sports league.

The appearance of your property has a major affect on the perception of the business being conducted on it. Brown grass and wilted plants can make client think that a business doesn't care about it's appearance. Give your commercial property a healthy, lush and alive look with an irrigation system. Apollo works with you to design a layout that maximizes coverage of areas that need watering, while minimizing wasted water that hits hardscaping.

Zone Control For Maximum Efficiency

We design our irrigation systems with zones that can be individually controlled according to the water requirements of different types of plants and areas on your property.

Avoid Unnecessary Watering

We use moisture sensors to override timed schedule when rain is in progress. This environmentally smart water saving measure also helps reduce your water bill. Watering schedules can be setup to take place in the off hours of your business. Avoid having your clientele and employees track water into your building by having us set water schedules that run in the evening.

No Property Too Big or Small

Apollo has the tools and vendors behind them to handle sports fields, company courtyards, ornamental planting beds or condominium green spaces. Landscape irrigation is an investment in the operation and management of your property that pays you back with healthier plants, less time on property maintenance, and curb appeal for your business or tenants. Ask us about some of the advances in technology which allow irrigation monitoring or control right from your phone.