Residential Sprinklers

Dragging a hose around the yard is the least efficient way to water your yard. Start saving water and money today by calling us for a free quote and get an automated watering system that will pay for itself.

Nothing beats being outside in the summer in your yard. The fresh smell of grasses and your blooming garden add to the relaxation you get when enjoying your property. The months of June, July and August can be hard on outdoor plants as rainfall becomes less regular later in the Ontario summer. Hand watering helps but can be time consuming, ineffective due to missed coverage and doesn't account for any vacation time you might have planned for the summer. Any period more than 3 days in an August heatwave can mean potential damage to your grass and garden.

Automated watering systems not only save you time and money by reducing the amount of water needed to satisfy your plants needs, but they also are environmentally friendly for the same reason. Apollo works with you to provide proper coverage of your lawn and garden, using different spray heads for different applications. Large spray heads for large grass areas and smaller spray nozzles for gardens and areas needing gentler watering. All of our Rain Bird spray heads and nozzles come with patented technology to create the largest possible droplet of water to reduce evaporation during watering times. Competitor spray heads often "mist" water, resulting in major loss of water before coming into contact with the soil beneath your plants.

The Quote Process

The first step to getting an efficient water saving sprinkler system installed is to contact us for a FREE quote. We schedule a site visit with you to come out and inspect your space. We walk your green space, calculating where sprinkler heads will be needed. We factor in both different types of spray heads for lawns and gardens, but also layout different zones to be compliant with by-law that allow watering gardens more often than lawns. Finally we perform a pressure test and prepare your quote for you on site. At the end of our site visit you can decide right away if you want to get started with a more economical and environmentally responsible watering solution.