Even if it's not an Apollo installed system, we'll gladly come by and give you a quote on fixing issues in your watering system. A cut irrigation line, leaky valve or broken sprinkler head could lead to loss of water in the system.

The economical and environmental savings are negated by a leak and could possibly cause other water related problems in your yard or home if near your foundation or other hardscaping.

Even our high quality sprinkler heads are no match for a lawn mower or dog attack. If we installed the system and the defect is manufacture based, your parts may be replaced at no charge under the Rain Bird 5 year warranted. Our labour is covered for 2 years, so if by chance the install is at fault this could also be covered by our service guarantee

Leaks, Drips, Misting

If water is pooling or is seen when the system is not running, a damaged valve, or a valve that is no longer closing fully may be at the source of the leak. A pipe that has been cut by digging activity may also be at fault. Apollo can excavate the bad pipe section and replace it with little damage to your lawn and gardens. Replacing valves can easily be done by accessing the valve from the valve box. Mist coming from anywhere in your system is indication of a hole in the water conduit. Give us a call to come look at it.

Schedule Problems, Dry Zones

Dry zones or schedule problems can often be a fault of the master irrigation timer. Apollo has the expertise to service all makes and models of irrigation timers and troubleshoot any scheduling problems that may have developed. If the zone is dry and the problem is not at the irrigation timer, we may start looking into valves that may not be opening properly.

Sprinkler Heads Misting, Bad Coverage, Leaking

Rain Bird sprinkler heads have a five year warranty and are engineered to send a blast of water to clear the watering head as it retracts. This prevents clogs and keeps dirt out of the head. Factors outside of standard operation can occasionally clog the fine nozzle leading to mist instead of droplets. This reduces the efficiency of watering since more water will evaporate instead of reaching the intended soil surface. Apollo carries all supplies and nozzles needed to fix Rain Bird or Hunter spray heads and can service and replace any other brands if the install was not originally done by us.

Retrofit Or Landscape Change

Have you planted new trees or changed the shape of your yard or garden? Drop us a line to ensure you still have the proper coverage, that your zones are still aligned with your watering needs and that all your vegetation is being watered. We can tie our Rain Bird and Hunter components into any existing system and help you reassess your watering needs.